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More Band !!

We are seeing more and more groups looking to stand out, the offer is abundant and music lovers are oversaturated with apps offering free and or very inexpensive streaming playlists. And now many web radio stations are also trying to find a place in the sun in these clouds. Either we love our classics and we listen to the same albums again or we are constantly looking for the new sick riff or beat..

Well that's why in our three stations we find a lot of diversity, whether it's Deep Flow Metal which also allows new metal groups to play there during the afternoons 666, during the changing blocks and sporadically..

Alternative Flow presents three blocks of new releases from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. in addition to offering various musical genres, French and English.

QéFlow Presents artists from Quebec and around the world, only French-speaking, all the songs are shared with us by several organizations.

If you want to navigate at your ease, our app for Android will offer you the three stations and you can move from one to the other as you wish.

The more data the cellular plans increase, the easier it will be to listen to live web radio, and to stop paying monthly with the pleasure of not knowing what the next song will be.

So make a Special request on our site ;)

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