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LA Rockers "i" Celebrating Love and Remembrance: New Song "January" Pays Tribute to Cherished Memories!


In a heartfelt ode to the essence of cherished memories and honoring departed loved ones, the captivating new song "January" encapsulates the profound sentiments of love, loss, and remembrance. Crafted with deep emotion and inspired by poignant moments, "January" is set to touch hearts and resonate with audiences worldwide.


"The concept behind January dawned on me while driving through a neighborhood, observing discarded Christmas trees lying in the gutters beside trash cans. I was struck by the abrupt transition of these trees, once the centerpiece of joyous holiday celebrations, now relegated to mere disposability. Just days prior, these trees had symbolized the focal point of everyone’s festive spirit, adorned with presents and cherished for its role in creating happiness. Yet, once their purpose was served, they were unceremoniously discarded without a second thought.

The video for January was captured during a live acoustic show streamed amidst the COVID lockdown. This special event coincided with Dia de Los Muertos, a significant day in Latino culture dedicated to honoring the departed. Central to this tradition is the 'ofrenda,' an altar adorned with photographs of loved ones, alongside their favorite foods and beverages.

During the live stream, we not only showcased our own ofrendas but also extended an invitation via social media for others to share pictures of their departed loved ones. The response was overwhelming, flooding us with an abundance of submissions that exceeded our space constraints. To ensure inclusion, we incorporated a heartfelt video slideshow at the conclusion of the live stream, paying homage to all the submitted photos as a tribute to their memory." - Al Granados the groups front man.

Cargo Lift are formed in autumn of 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. They compose their first songs in April of 2017, which are included in the “First” EP. The rest of the year, as well as 2018, is dedicated to their first live shows. In 2019, being more settled about the band's vision, they record their following work, the “Disguised” EP, as well as their first video clip, for the song “I Won’t Fall”. Both the EP and video clip receive promising reviews from press and fans, pushing the band forward, resulting in multiple live shows and a thrust for new compositions. In late 2019, Cargo Lift start working on material for their first Full Length album. Their debut LP, entitled “THEN” comes into existence almost a year later, with the band working non-stop during the Covid-19 stigmatized year, 2020. “THEN” is released on February 12, 2021, and contains 9 tracks, which cover 42 minutes of music, which mainly belong to the heavy rock spectrum. Later in the year, a video clip for the song “Prophecy” is also aired. During 2021 and 2022 the band continues to write new music and also performs live on multiple occasions at selected gigs and festivals, in and out of hometown and country. A lineup change on vocals and bass results in a darker, heavier and more technical songwriting approach, as reflected in the new songs. Recordings for the new album begin in early 2023, and “When Least Expected” is released on November 20, 2023. The album contains 9 songs in a much more aggressive and sinister feeling, whereas the lyrics deal with personal struggles, addiction, and the will to carry on. Cargo Lift’s character is shaped by bands like Faith No More, Tool, Deftones, Meshuggah, The Ocean, Gojira, and many more names of the contemporary rock and metal sound.

UKs When They Riot Debuts Powerful Commentary with 'Open Season': A Striking Musical Manifesto Against Neoliberal Struggles.


"Open Season," the third single by the Leeds-based trio When They Riot, delves into the challenges of everyday life faced by people globally. The song's title and lyrics draw inspiration from the escalating pressures that many endure.

The track addresses the impact of neoliberal governance in the UK, highlighting its goals of deregulating workers' rights and withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). These fundamental rights, which we legislatively adhere to, are portrayed as essential shields that protect us from becoming prey in a societal hunt.

For instance, in the UK, the real value of workers' wages has consistently declined year after year, symbolized by the lyrics, "Going up, going up, never ever coming down." This economic trend has left us collectively poorer compared to a decade ago, challenging the notion of progress.

The chorus resonates with the fears of the average worker, whose life revolves around working tirelessly to cover basic necessities, devoid of the enjoyment of life itself, only to meet an inevitable end. The poignant line, "Oh what a deal, my life for a wage," encapsulates the sacrifice made in the pursuit of survival.

The intentional use of backing vocals in the chorus creates a sense of monotony and repetitiveness, emphasizing the mundane and soul-crushing nature of the daily grind.

"Open Season" serves as the lead single and title track for the upcoming release by the band, expected later this year, offering a thought-provoking commentary on the current state of societal and economic affairs.

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