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Stop to Pay

Well, having already used the musical services of two of the big companies for 4 years, I embarked on my own musical story by creating my first Deep Flow Metal web radio. Hundreds of hours to bring everything together and researched the best way to do it, the best Hosts, Copyrights, Legal music, websites, musical structure, social networks, understand the environment, targeted audiences, choose an ideal and get started... phew between 15 to 20 hours a week for 3 months... the second was built a little more quickly, taking into account that the investments had already been made, Alternative Flow wants to be the 90-era 00..

In short, Music has always and will always take this important place, which leads me to tell myself that I will not pay all my life to listen to music, so I am coming back to Webradio, with 4 gigs on my cell phone, I listen to more than 1 hour a day of music via my Deep Flow Metal app, in which I find my three internet radio stations, my cell phone plan that I already pay for data for my job anyway..

So lots of apps are available with lots of podcasts and hundreds of web radios where you can browse without a penny. You added these radio stations to your favorites on your web browser and off you go..

In addition to encouraging Web radio, you will surely discover a community that will excite you!!


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