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In April, a series of unexplained disappearances occurred in the Amazon rainforest. The bodies of these women, tortured and devoured in a sordid manner, are found in particularly atrocious conditions.

Two months later, thousands of kilometers away, a naked man burst onto the terrace of Le Corsaire in Lévis. He attacks a customer, and he bites him savagely. But is it really human? Here, as elsewhere around, tragedies follow one another.

As these creatures—which multiply at an exponential rate—invade the world, chaos sets in: people loot stores, they hide in their homes, they evaporate into nature. They leave behind only a succession of bloody traces.

When electricity and water become memories, Victoria, a young investigative journalism enthusiast, tries to understand. Johnny, the last active police officer in the city, showed her the threat up close; in cell number 13, he introduced her to the very nature of the horrors that roam the streets.

After her parents disappeared, Victoria takes refuge with her sister in the basement of her house, where she tries to survive. And there, she plans a quest to save humanity. To succeed, she will need to surround herself with all the help she can get.

Zomb book 1

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