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Here are all our varieties of boreal spices and herbal teas. Dflow spices are hand-picked in an eco-responsible and ethical manner. They slip into everything, from soups to vegetable stir-fries with wild meat or not. Try this Kick Boréal!

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Maple-Smoked Dune Pepper
Mapple Smoked Green Alder Pepper

We have our own version of this alder kitten. With the fabulous added flavor that cold smoking gives, it will awaken your taste buds in many of your culinary experiences, certainly becoming a must with wild meat and fish.

This pepper is also available plain which I love with chicken, I also add it to my Pizza.

For larger orders, request a quote!!


Needle is getting old

Aged fir needles are a boreal explosion in your dishes when crushed and added in small quantities to your marinades or sauces.

I love the arrangement with Parsley in soups or simply directly on a moose or venison steak.

I believe they can give an aroma to almost anything, just find yours.


Needle Pin

Beneficial for the bronchi because its balsamic and expectorant action helps in case of obstruction. Thus, pine clears the bronchi and releases mucus. Taken internally, white pine is a good natural decongestant and a soothing herbal tea at the same time.


Cedar is a common tree in the Quebec forest, the leaves of which have long been consumed as herbal tea, notably for their rich vitamin C content. The white cedar infusion has a fairly intense coniferous scent, minty and slightly lemony. Cedar is not traditionally used in cooking, although we are starting to see it appear in some recipes featuring boreal forest products. Like most evergreens, it pairs well with juniper and Labrador tea. It is an interesting combination with wild meat dishes and red wine sauces. You can also use cedar, sparingly, in desserts.

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